The essential skill of public relations is the ability to assemble a good story. Our Media team is composed of skilled reporters and managers who anticipate the daily media agenda and communicate their client’s messages in a convincing way. New Politics excels at telling complex stories that will resonate from high-level business media to the consumer press.


Answers to questions such as “Where can I best reach my target audience?”, “What message is most compelling to my key customers?” and “How are my current communications resonating with my employees and customers?” help define and optimize the impact of businesses communications programs.


New Politics monitors 27 newspapers and 10 magazines, more than anyone else in Albania. We can monitor more than 12 TV channels (by request the list of these channels can be re-designed), all the 4 national TV channels, 2 digital channels and the local TV channels that have the largest coverage of the territory of Albania.


Marketing is more than a one-way street. We believe that when engaging social brands you are not only sending your message but also receiving powerful feedback from your audience. Social Media don’t just share information; they also deliver value. Social Media sparks conversations between brands and people that build deeper relationships. Using online listening, we gain insight into your customers’ desires, behaviors and how they perceive your brand.


In an era of growing digital communications people are increasingly relying on individual voices and online networks for their information needs and decision-making choices. Access to new technologies and information has revolutionized communications, enabling everyone to consume, create, share and edit information on their own terms.

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