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We are a leading communications and marketing company in Albania with a specialty in public relations and media management. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective and results-driven communication services to our clients for them to meet their goals. Our approach is straightforward: to deliver the highest value counsel and solutions that maximize our clients business goals.


New Politics was founded in 2006 and has proved to be the leading partner for private and public institutions and individuals for organizing PR campaigns, managing events, monitoring and analyzing the media, and has an established experience with product positioning, brand sales growth, and corporate citizenship.

These activities make us the largest communications agency in Albania and we have served as counselors to many clients. We work every day with all formats of local, national, and international media to assure that you are a part of that conversation, and that it is a productive one. As the leading public relations and communications agency in Albania we are engaged in constant dialogue with society and the media and carefully and constantly analyze their views, the environment, and its trends for our clients. Our services are personalized to your needs, measured by your goals, and we offer you the strategic thinking, best-in-kind practices, and network of contacts and professionals to shape the environment that will define your advancement and growth.

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